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Short term accommodation in Kharkiv

 Kharkov            @Contact us

 Chernishevskogo str. 13/509

 telephone: +38(063)6581510



Getting in Kharkov by car

We will be glad to provide you a car transfer to get to your apartment in Kharkov comfortably and quickly from any city of Ukraine.

  • Kiev-Kharkov-250 USD
  • Borispol-Kharkov-180 USD
  • Vinnitsa-Kharkov-315 USD
  • Dnepropetrovsk-Kharkov-150 USD
  • Donetsk-Kharkov-150 USD
  • Zhytomir-Kharkov-315 USD
  • Zaporozhye-Kharkov-140 USD
  • Ivano-Frankovsk-Kharkov-475 USD
  • Kirovograd-Kharkov-180 USD
  • Lugansk-Kharkov-150 USD
  • Lutsk-Kharkov-400 USD
  • Lvov-Kharkov-440 USD
  • Nikolaev-Kharkov-250 USD
  • Odessa-Kharkov-290 USD
  • Poltava-Kharkov-80 USD
  • Simferopol-Kharkov-315 USD
  • Sumy-Kharkov-100,00 USD
  • Ternopol-Kharkov-400 USD
  • Rovno-Kharkov-550 USD