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Short term accommodation in Kharkiv

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 Chernishevskogo str. 13/509

 telephone: +38(063)6581510



Interpreter Service

If you come to Ukraine and wish to make your staying here pleasant, effective and easy you may use interpreting service for your personal and business meeting. Our company provides the service of high-qualified interpreters with graduate degree in linguistics and rich experience.

We will be glad to provide you with consecutive and escort interpretation in the following language pairs:

  • Russian/English
  • Russian/French
  • Russian/German
  • Russian/Spain

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation implies that the speaker is expected to stop after several sentences letting an interpreter translate his words. It is good for business meetings, negotiations or dates.

Escort interpretation

Escort interpreter usually translates informal conversations in public places helping foreign tourists at airports, restaurants, hotel check-ins, accompanying them at city tours and shopping trips, etc. Please mention that we also provide the service of your meeting in the airport/train station/bus station by our interpreter. The price for the service is 25 USD.

We will also be glad to provide you the service of personal correspondence translation.

Price for interpeter service, USD

Per hour 14
Per 5 hours 60
Per 8 hours 80
Written translation per page (2000 char) 20